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I'm an indie freelance screenwriter. I also produce & direct.

Recent Updates

Comedy Writing: Scripts (PDF)

Contact me for more free topical jokes (two-liners). The material is free of use to talkshow writers, stand-up comics and podcasters. I'd appreciate attribution if you plan to use them in your show.

Selected Screenplays

·Shakespeare: Adaptation (4x44pg)
·Sports Comedy/Feature (105pg-Spec)
·Single-camera sitcom pilot
·Two and a Half Men spec.

If you are a producer and would like to request a script as a writing sample, please contact me.

Comedy Writing

Sketch, talkshow bits, standup. I also do PhotoShop comedy and video clip manipulation.

Script Punchup

A group of 3-5 funny people from UCB & i.O. read, riff and rewite your script.


See also: script doctoring services.

My services are aimed at creating for you, a copyrighted-protected screenplay, teleplay or treatment from your story (or existing copyright-protected material) which you can then sell or option to a feature film or television producer. I do not make empty promises about selling 23 words scrawled onto a cocktail napkin to Paramount for a million dollars. Demi Moore is not attached to star in a cocktail napkin, neither mine nor yours. I write treatments in either free-form short-story format or in Syd Field treatment format. I write screenplays in the format described in The Hollywood Standard (IBSN:978-1932907018) or in another format mutually agreed upon before writing begins. If you are intelligent and already a good writer, you can train yourself to write a screenplay for about the same cost as hiring me to write one. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of workshops, books, errors in judgement and extensive unpaid hours writing unusable dreck.

I don't write screenplays from ideas. I write them from stories. If you have a story, it can be turned into a screenplay. If your story isn't already written down (captured in a copyright-protectable form), you can relay it to me in a series of videotaped interviews which can be sent to the Copyright Office and registered (then you own it). Your story does not have to be particularly long or detailed and you yourself do not have to be a particularly good storyteller.

(Many of the Philip K. Dick works that have been adapted into feature-length movie screenplays are short stories under ten pages in length.)

I will write your indie pilot or feature for indie rates.
Alternately, for established producers:
Click for: Current WGA Schedule of Minimums



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