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I'm an indie freelance screenwriter. I also produce & direct.

Recent Updates

Comedy Writing: Scripts (PDF)

Contact me for more free topical jokes (two-liners). The material is free of use to talkshow writers, stand-up comics and podcasters. I'd appreciate attribution if you plan to use them in your show.

Selected Screenplays

·Shakespeare: Adaptation (4x44pg)
·Sports Comedy/Feature (105pg-Spec)
·Single-camera sitcom pilot
·Two and a Half Men spec.

If you are a producer and would like to request a script as a writing sample, please contact me.

Script Doctoring

See also: screenwriting services.

I don't believe in screenplay analysis or criticism unless it is fashioned into some kind of creative response aimed at improving the script. Creativity is the only way to improve a script. And any script can be improved. It's as simple as that. There are far more poorly constructed screenplays made into movies each year than well-constructed ones.

Rather than re-invent the wheel completely, my script doctoring services are designed to allow you and I to communicate with a common point of reference. The easiest way for us to have a common point of reference is to refer to existing books about the screenwriting craft. You may already have read a particular book but are having difficulty applying it to your own script. There is nothing wrong with that.

I don't mess with your script. Unless you want a page one rewrite.

[30/30] [analyze (this) script!] [flog the cat] [pg.1 rewrite

In the movie business, nothing is ever written; it's re-written.



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